UK Player Development Camp

AFC Southampton offers a wide range of soccer training for players in our program and the community. We strive to assist our players in becoming better individuals on and off the soccer field, both as a teammate and as an individual. Our core values include personal improvement, enjoyment of the game, the pursuit of excellence, honesty, integrity, and supporting our diverse community.

Our style of technical and tactical training combined with off-field lessons and physical endurance drills produce a player that is comfortable anywhere on the field and can contribute to our team goals across all phases of play

The player development camp is designed to support:

(a) Your club’s player development objectives

(b) The implementation of a playing and coaching style

This will include adopting:

  1. a)Modern youth development & coaching values
  1. b)Playing philosophy – position/unit specific roles in a flexible playing system or formation linking from 7v7, 9v9 to 11v11
  1. c) Coaching philosophy – a style that empowers coaches to grow their knowledge
  1. d) Access to sports technology – to measure and track improvement –including stationary bikes, resistance bands, reaction testing with our Fit light equipment, GSP player performance tracker, and benchmark your players against Southampton FC Academy players
  1. e) Access to yoga, technical skills training, strength and conditioning, nutrition session, speed testing, shooting testing, and agility testing.

The Southampton Way is a training philosophy and approach based on developing high-quality players not only on the field, but also off the pitch as well. The coaching philosophy is:

  1. a) Player centred – Provide individualised feedback and support to players
  1. b) Phase specific – the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the player at their stage of development. This will give you a strategy for player development particularly in the senior youth phase (U15 – U16)
  1. c) Holistic – Support with material that allows coaches to develop their knowledge in all aspects of player development including sports science and sport psychology

Player Evaluations

A full-circle player evaluation will be conducted and delivered to each player at the end of each training cycle. Areas of improvement and suggestions going forward will be provided.

Progress Tracking

We assign our players weekly homework and assess progress based on pre

determined goals and development areas established early on in our training together.

All group leads/coaches will receive at a minimum

  • Individual player development plan
  • 2 report cards with direct review from technical director
  • Age-specific speed, agility, and quickness sessions
  • Strength & conditioning training (U10 -18)
  • Monthly in-game video analysis per team classroom setting
  • Annual nutrients plan for every player -plus- player recovery and hydration routine after high-intensity training and after every game