Who we are

We are non-for-profit sports development organisation that provides a dynamic suite of youth sports development and education curriculum and learning experiences. We are an organisation of renowned prestige in the practice and delivery of youth sports, coach education and management services. Our  is to provide quality physical education which supports student’s academic pursuits, whilst at the same time developing social competencies and transferable skills to fulfil their career goals in a fun, supportive and safe environment.

Mission Statement

  • To educate, inspire and empower young people to benefit from the consistently growing sports, hospitality, and recreation industry.
  • To use sport as a vehicle to provide a creative outlet for young people to develop social competencies and transferable life skills.
  • To offer physical training and learning opportunities that enable beneficiaries to continuously develop themselves professionally.
What Makes
us Special?

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What We Do

We produce high quality, dynamic and bespoke learning, and education opportunities to ensure a diverse, motivated and highly skilled sports participants and industry workforce. Working collaboratively with partners and individuals offering exceptional products that support reinvestment into a sustainable future for youth sports.

Employment & Volunteering

We offer students opportunities to combine all the knowledge and skills gained and developed and apply them practically through the sport internship programme. During this phase students will in addition to the physical activity and in-class learning be attached to various sport-based corporations to gain professional insight in the industry. This provides additional opportunities for paid or voluntary work experience.


Long-Term Player Development:

Intelligent development of players is a continuum that overlaps age groups. Our programmes apply modern processes to the development of participants. These includes developing the child’s appreciation of the game, keeping winning and losing in proper perspective and being sensitive to each player’s development needs.


Vocational Education

We offer a formal vocational education scheme where students gain leadership awards and industry accreditations such as the English FA Awards for those aged 16 -21 years old and the Duke of Edinburgh Award or equivalent for those aged 14-16 years old.  This involves participants accessing in-class formal learning as part of their PE curriculum, whilst gaining additional vocational industry qualifications in specialisms such as coaching, refereeing, first aid, sports journalism, media, physiotherapy, and safeguarding.


Physical Activity

We offer after school physical activities provision to help students develop overall physical literacy. This is the practical coaching and sport instruction phase where students develop the fundamentals of the game of football like passing and receiving, dribbling, shooting and goalkeeping for beginners to advanced skills such as transition and systems of play. Talent identification processes will be an integral part of this phase.